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Tips for Managing Email Overload

One of today’s  biggest communication tool is email communication. It’s a tool that can be a quick and effective way to move tasks and communication forward in business.  As effective as it can be, it can also become an overwhelming task to manage and a distraction from your daily tasks.  Here are a few tips to help you stay ahead of the task of managing your email:


  1. Set Rules – Electronically and Personally – most mailbox tools have rules you can set for incoming and date related mail.
  2. Electronic Rule – For example you could set a rule for subscription emails to be forwarded to a folder to be read at a later time.
  3. Personal Rule – set a time for yourself during the day to quickly review your email and make it a point if it takes longer than 3 minutes to read the email, save it for review at a later time.
  4. Creating folders and flagging email items can help organize your mail and is just another way to help stay on top of the volume.

What tips and methods do you use for effective email management?


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